Hey, I’m Justin ✌

I’m a design-driven product manager for web applications.

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Illustration of a whiteboard featuring a diagram of arrows, meant to evoke a coach's football play, along with two whiteboard pens and an eraser. By me.

I specialize in turning complex domains (like cybersecurity and web hosting)1 into user-friendly, strategically-impactful, and scalable experiences for startups and enterprise companies alike.

Currently, I’m a Product Manager at GitHub, where I lead teams maintaining and scaling its UI platform, including the navigation,2 accessibility, and its design system Primer.

Before that, I was a product and design leader at Signal Sciences, a cybersecurity startup acquired by Fastly in 2020.3 I led development of the UI dashboard, designed identity and access management features, guided privacy and data governance initiatives, and created a new self-service tier and sales motion.

I’ve worked across product, design, and engineering at a variety of companies such as GoDaddy and Carbon Five. I’ve also written, mentored, and presented on Agile product development, rapid prototyping, and growing careers in tech.

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1. I’m experienced in building web hosting products, web application firewalls, CDNs, domain management, and incorporating concepts like data privacy and residency, identity and access management.

2. I led the redesign of the GitHub navigation, used by over 100 million developers, scaling it to meet the needs of an expanding product and the organization’s commitment to accessibility. Read more about GitHub's redesigned navigation.

3. Fastly acquired Signal Sciences for $775 million to integrate security into its portfolio of CDN and Edge services. Read more about the acquisition.